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How do I pay if I have insufficient/no balance left?

For providers that accept payment via Mednefits, you will be able to make partial or full payment via Out of Pocket (**paid directly to the provider**) in the event that your Benefits Balance is insufficient. Key in the Bill Amount as informed by the panel provider to complete the payment. ![][1] ![][2] ![][3] ![][…

How do I pay via Mednefits?

When visiting the panel clinic or provider, open your Mednefits app and follow the steps below: **Step 1: **Tap on **Register** to scan the QR code present at the provider and agree on the Visit Agreement before clicking on **Proceed**. ![][1] ![][2] You can select the registered member including your dependents (i…

I have a cap per visit. How do I use Mednefits?

The **cap per visit** refers to the maximum amount that can be deducted from your benefits balance in a single transaction. Your employer can set a cap per visit on your Mednefits account. You can check it via your Mednefits app, simply go to **My Benefits >** select any scheme under** ****Benefits Schemes** to see i…

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