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I have a cap per visit. How do I use Mednefits?
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The cap per visit refers to the maximum amount that can be deducted from your benefits balance in a single transaction.


Your employer can set a cap per visit on your Mednefits account. You can check it via your Mednefits app, simply go to My Benefits > select any scheme under Benefits Schemes to see if you have a cap per visit.


After you have selected the scheme, under Benefits Categories you may see if there is any cap per visit being applied by your HR for each category.  


If Cap per Visit is applicable, you will be able to view the cap by Panel and Non-Panel displayed in this page.



Using Mednefits at a panel clinic or provider when you have a cap per visit

Step 1: Tap Register to register your visit.



Step 2: On the Visit Agreement page, please understand and accept the terms and agreement by ticking the checkbox before clicking on Proceed. (Please note that the Proceed button will be greyed out if the checkbox is unchecked)



Step 3: Scan the QR code.



A green confirmation screen will appear upon successful registration.

❗On this page, if cap per visit is applicable, you will be able to view the Cap per Visit amount which is the maximum amount that can be deducted for this panel transaction.




Step 4: The red dot at the checkout icon indicates that you have yet to checkout. When you are ready to checkout, tap the Checkout button, and on Select Service(s) page, select the services you have received before clicking on Proceed to proceed with payment. (This page won't be displayed if the provider has only one service to offer)




Step 5: On the Payment Amount page, enter the full bill size amount (inclusive of medicine & treatment and consultation fee) and press Continue.



Step 6: On the Review Payment page, a summary of the transaction will appear, showing the following information:

  • Bill amount: The cost for consultation, medicine, and treatment.
  • Cap per Visit: The maximum amount that will be deducted from your benefits balance for this visit.
    • If there is no cap per visit amount being shown on this page, meaning there is no cap per visit being applied by your HR for the chosen category. 
  • Via Mednefits: The amount deducted from your current balance for this visit.
  • Out of Pocket: The amount you will have to pay the clinic or provider by cash/NETS/credit card for this visit.

After you are done reviewing your payment, click on the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy policy before clicking on Pay Now to confirm the payment.



Step 7: Click on Make Payment to confirm your payment. (Please ensure you enter the right total bill amount and for any Out of Pocket amount please pay directly to the provider)



Step 8: On the Payment Successful page, the figure under Via Mednefits is the amount that is deducted from your benefits for this transaction.


In a case when there is a figure under Out of Pocket. Please pay the amount directly to the provider. 


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