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What panel clinics or providers can I visit with Mednefits?
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To view your HR approved panel providers to visit with Mednefits:

Step 1: On the Mednefits app home screen, under Panel Categories, select the available category of health provider.



Step 2: All of the approved and available panel providers will appear under each category listing. 



Step 3: Simply click on the provider you wish to visit to know more information about them.

  • If scheduling an appointment in advance is necessary, you can easily do so through the Mednefits mobile app. Kindly select Make an appointment to access the clinic's phone number, WhatsApp, or website, and arrange your appointment seamlessly.




NEW You can now search for healthcare providers based on their location address! Simply enter the address or location you'd like to search and hit the Search button and Mednefits app will provide you with a list of healthcare providers near your specified location.



To find a specific provider, simply input the clinic's name into the search bar to see if the clinic is listed on the panel providers list.


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