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How to edit the claims that have been submitted?

In a case where you need to amend the claims that you have submitted, simply follow the guideline below: **Step 1: **Navigate to the **Claims** page. ![][1] **Step 2:** Under Claim Status(es), choose "**Submitted**" as the filter option. ![][2] **Step 3:** Locate the transaction you wish to amend and click on "**…

How do I edit or remove my non-panel claim?

If you wish to edit or remove your non-panel **Pending** claim (not applicable to any **Approved** and **Rejected** claims), you can now do it on your Mednefits mobile app! * * * **Edit Claim** **Step 1:** Tap on** Activities **under Other Services and Information. ![][1] **Step 2: **Tap on the **Pending **claim …

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