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How do I edit or remove my non-panel claim?
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If you wish to edit or remove your non-panel Pending claim (not applicable to any Approved and Rejected claims), you can now do it on your Mednefits mobile app!



Edit Claim


Step 1: Tap on Activities under Other Services and Information.



Step 2: Tap on the Pending claim you wish to edit.



Step 3: Tap on the Edit button which is located at the top right and proceed to edit the field you wish to amend.



Step 4: Review your amendments and tap on Submit Claim to save your edits! 




❗Important Note: This feature of Edit Claim is not available on the Mednefits member portal. 



Remove Claim


🆕You may now remove your claims from both the Mednefits app and Member portal!


Remove claims from the Mednefits app


Step 1: Select the respective Pending claim and click on Remove Claim to remove the claim. 




Step 2: Tap on Remove to proceed and the selected pending claim will be removed. 





Remove claims from the Member portal


Step 1: Click on Activities to view all non-panel claims submitted.



Step 2: Select the claim you wish to remove and click on the Action button. Then select Remove Claim to remove the claim.



Step 3: Click on Remove Claim to confirm your action. (Please note that your claim will be deleted permanently and your action cannot be undone)



Step 4: A green banner with the message of "Claim Removed! Please resubmit a new claim to your Company HR if needed" indicates that you have successfully removed your claims!


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