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Why am I unable to submit my non-panel claim?
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When you visited a non-panel clinic or provider and need to submit a non-panel claim for reimbursement, it can be frustrating to discover that something isn’t working on your submission. 



Below is the possible reasons: 


Claim amount exceeded


If the Submit Claim button is greyed out, most probably because the claim amount you want to submit is higher than your Benefits Balance or Cap per Visit. Please make sure to key in the claim amount within your Benefits Balance and Cap per Visit. 




Benefits have not started


Claims Submission will only be available once it reaches your Scheme's start date.




You do not have access to claim submission


If you believe your company has activated the Claims Submission function, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help to check on the activation status in our system.


Important Note: Kindly submit your non-panel claim via the Mednefits app as it prevents the possibility of a corrupted file.

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