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How can I download the latest version of Mednefits app from Huawei App Gallery?

For a Huawei user, you can download the latest version of Mednefits app on [Huawei App Gallery][1] or you may follow the steps below: **Step 1: **Search for Mednefits app by tapping the search bar at the top. Once Mednefits app comes up, click its list entry. This should then load up the app page. **Step 2: **At the…

How to activate my Mednefits Account?

When your company has enrolled you onto Mednefits, you will receive an email/SMS which requires you to complete the account activation. With the Mednefits mobile app, you will be able to visit panel clinics without paying Out of Pocket and enjoy other corporate perks. * * * **To start, please follow these 3 simple …

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