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How do I use Mednefits at a health specialist?

Mednefits members enjoy $70 consultation rates at in-network health specialists.

To enjoy this corporate rate, you must book an appointment by calling the hotline listed in the Mednefits app. Otherwise, you will be charged the private patient rate at the clinic.

Booking a health specialist appointment

  1. Log into the Mednefits app and tap on Specialists
  2. Find the specialist clinic you wish to book an appointment with
  3. Tap on the clinic to see the clinic details, and tap on Call to book an appointment
  4. Inform the call operator that you are a Mednefits member and you want to make an appointment

Paying for your health specialist visit

Health specialists on the Mednefits panel do not have QR codes. You will have to pay for your visit out of pocket.

If your company allows you to claim for health specialist visits, you can submit an E-claim by following the instructions in this article: How do I submit an e-claim?

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  • 07-Apr-2020