Why am I unable to enroll an employee?

Possible reason 1: Lack of seats

Log into your Business Portal..

On your Business portal’s dashboard, scroll to the bottom to see “Employee Enrollment Status”.

Check if you have enough vacant seats for enrollment of new employees.

If there are insufficient seats, email the number of seats required to happiness@mednefits.com and we will add the seats to your Business account. Your company will be billed the extra charges for the additional seats.

Possible reason 2: Conflicted use of email addresses, mobile number or NRIC

Please ensure that no other employee is sharing the same email, mobile number or NRIC before enrolling your employee.

Possible reason 3: Employee’s details are highlighted in red on the preview page

Log into your Business Portal.

In the list of employees pending enrollment, kindly click on the pen icon beside your employee’s name.

Check through the details of your employee, and click submit once more.

If the problem persists, re-input the DOB/start date of employee.

If you are still unable to enrol your employee, please send an email to happiness@mednefits.com and we will assist you in enrolling your employees.

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  • 19-Nov-2019