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Deadline of submitting a claim

It is due by the 6th of the following month, 2359h, which is before Mednefits invoice generation on the 7th. Example: For January transactions’ claims, please submit the claims by 6th February 2359h, for them to be included in the upcoming invoice that will be generated on the 7th. Any late claims will not be includ…

What if Diagnosis and Medication details are not found in the system?

If you can't find the diagnosis and medicine listed in the system, Mednefits allowed you to submit the claim by using General Diagnosis/General Medicine. You may follow the below steps on how to submit the claim: **Step 1: **On your **Claims **page, you will be able to view all** **Pending Submissions. ![][1] **St…

May I know the reason why my claim was rejected?

The reason your claim is rejected will be indicated under **Remarks. ** On your Mednefits mobile app: **Step 1: **Simply go to **Activities **under Other Services and Information. ![][1] **Step 2: **On the **Activities** page, tap on the claim which was Rejected**. **Scroll to the bottom to see the remarks made by…

How do I get reimbursed?

**Reimbursement by HR** You may check with your HR on the reimbursement arrangement as that would be an internal process. **Reimbursement by Mednefits** Reimbursement will be made via bank transfer to your registered bank account (provided by your HR upon employee enrollment). Kindly drop us an email at [[email protected]

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