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How do I track my employee’s Panel and Non-Panel usage?

**Panel usage** is when employees visit a Mednefits Panel Provider and pay via the Mednefits mobile app. **Non-Panel usage** is when employees visit any provider outside of Mednefits' panel and submit non-panel claims through the Mednefits mobile app. The employee's balance will be deducted accordingly once the claim…

Will my employees be notified when there is an update in claim status?

There will be an email notification to your employees when the claim is approved/rejected! Alternatively, if a member has enable Mednefits app to send push notification, they will be updated via Mednefits app as well. Kindly refer to this article if you wish to know more: [How do I get notified about my claim status…

How do I get notified about my claim status?

You can now enable Mednefits app to send push notifications on claim statuses! In order to get yourself updated whenever your submitted claims have been **Approved**/**Rejected**, please select **Allow. ** ![][1] ![][2] ❗If you are not prompted automatically, please go to your phone **Settings **→ **Notifications**…

How do I get reimbursed?

**Reimbursement by HR** You may check with your HR on the reimbursement arrangement as that would be an internal process. **Reimbursement by Mednefits** Reimbursement will be made via bank transfer to your registered bank account (provided by your HR upon employee enrollment). Kindly drop us an email at [[email protected]

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