How do I edit / update employee details?

Sometimes you need to edit employee details after enrollment. Perhaps their mobile number has changed, or they were enrolled with an incorrect date of birth.

To edit your employees’ details in the HR portal, simply follow these steps.

Editing Employee Details

  1. In the HR portal, click on the Employee tab, then click Overview.
  2. Search for the relevant employee in the search bar.
  3. Click on the employee to bring up their employee details.
  4. Click on Edit in the top right hand corner.
  5. Make the necessary changes, then click Save & Continue.

Important Notes

  • The mobile number is also used as the login ID. If you change your employee’s mobile number in the HR portal, your employee must use the new mobile number to log in.
  • Malaysian mobile numbers (+60) must contain 10 digits. Please enter the leading “0”: e.g. 0378901770 instead of 378901770.
  • Mednefits email communications such as E-claim submission updates and password resets will go to employees’ work emails. If you are updating employees’ work email addresses, please make sure that the emails are correct.
  • The Member ID field is for Mednefits’ use and cannot be changed.
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  • 09-Jan-2020