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What should I do when I visit an in-network GP clinic?

If you have never used Mednefits before, you might be wondering what you need to do when you visit a Mednefits partner clinic.

Quick Links

Before your visit

  1. Download the Mednefits app from the Apple App Store or the Google PlayStore.
  2. Log in to the Mednefits app using your login ID and password.
    • If you don’t know your Mednefits login ID or password, look for an email from titled “WELCOME TO MEDNEFITS CARE”
    • If you have forgotten your Mednefits password, follow the instructions in this article: How do I reset my password? (Members)
  3. Check your E-card to make sure that your Mednefits account is still active.
  4. Check your medical E-wallet balance.
    • If you have no credits in your E-wallet, you can still use Mednefits! Simply follow the instructions below and tap Cash / NETS / Credit Card at Step 3.
  5. Tap on GP to see Mednefits partner clinics near your location.

During your visit

  1. Look for the Mednefits QR code at the clinic. Tap Register and scan the QR code. A green confirmation screen will appear to indicate that you have successfully scanned in at the clinic.
  2. After you have seen the doctor and are ready to check out, tap the Checkout button and enter the amount to pay for medicine and treatment only.
    • If you have a cap per visit, enter the full medicine and treatment amount. Don’t worry about the cap: it will be applied automatically, and you will not be charged more credits than your cap. To learn about using Mednefits with a cap per visit, see this article: I have a cap per visit. How do I use Mednefits?
  3. You will be asked how you wish to pay. Tap on Mednefits Credits (if you have credits) or on Cash / NETS / Credit Card (if you do not have credits).
    • If you have a cap per visit, you should tap on Mednefits Credits, regardless of the medicine and treatment charges.
  4. A breakdown of the transaction will appear, showing the following information:
    • Bill amount: the cost for medicine and treatment
    • Consultation fee (if applicable): the amount deducted from your E-wallet for consultation
    • Total amount: the cost of consultation, medicine and treatment for this visit
    • Cap: the maximum amount that will be deducted from your E-wallet for this visit
    • Payable by credits: the amount deducted from your E-wallet for this visit
    • Payable by cash: the amount you will have to pay the clinic by cash / NETS / credit card for this visit
  5. Tap the green Pay Now button. You will be shown a screen indicating a successful transaction.
    • The number under the green tick is the amount that is deducted from your E-wallet for this transaction
    • The number in red (if any) tells you how much you have to pay for this transaction by cash / NETS / credit card
  6. If credits were deducted from your E-wallet and we have your email address on file, you will receive a email receipt for the transaction. You can also view your transactions by opening the menu and tapping History.
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